Vortex Beowulf Clusters/Blade Servers

ASL Vortex Beowulf Cluster/Blade Server delivers the highest computing density (Up to 40 processors/880 cores in a 7U rack). Each Vortex hosts twenty Intel or AMD dual-processor computing nodes. Four hotswap and redundant power supply modules with 93% efficiency are used to minimize energy consumption. Note: Each Vortex requires two separate 30A circuits.

Each Vortex includes the chassis management module (CMM) that enables remote control of individual nodes using KVM over LAN. In addition, CMM monitors the chassis health status such as power supply voltage level, temperature and cooling fan speed. For connectivity and communication, Superblade is configured with low-cost Gigabit Ethernet (standard) or optionally 10-Gigabit Ethernet/Infiniband switch.

For supercomputing environment, ASL Vortex Beowulf Cluster/Blade Server delivers maximum affordability, high scalability, expandability, and unsurpassed total cost of ownership (TCO).

photo of blade chassis front photo of blade chassis rear

Nodes Up to 20 Dual Xeon (880 cores)
Chipset Intel C612
Processor (per node) Two Intel Xeon E5-2600v3/v4
Memory (per node) Up to 512GB DDR4
Storage (per node) Two hotswap 2.5in HD bays
Networking Onboard Dual-port 10GB Ethernet or Single-port FDR Infiniband
Starting Price $11,733
Phone: 1.510.249.5900