Getting Support:


1 (510) 249 5910
Mon-Fri 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Pacific Standard Time


To obtain answer to commonly asked questions, please visit our online FAQ.

ASL uses a bug tracking system to provide fast and efficient support. When sending an Email to technical support, a new ticket will be created. To ensure all communications are logged in the ticket, please use the same subject header when sending reply or file attachment.

To request replacement of defective parts (except monitors) for systems under warranty, please send an E-mail to with the following information:

If the transaction involves multiple systems, ASL highly recommends creating one ticket per system. This will avoid a mixup when the RMA is processed.

Defective monitors will be handled directly by the manufacturer. Here is the contact information:

Kernel Support:

ASL sometimes provides custom kernel packages for different Fedora releases. These packages are created to enable hardware on ASL systems, or to address specific bugs that affect our hardware. These kernel packages should always be used if they are available.

If the system is running the factory installed OS, run the following command to install the latest kernel package:

# yum update kernel*

If the system has been reinstalled using the generic Fedora media, the latest ASL kernel can be installed by following the instructions in this FAQ.

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