Sovereign 5325 Specifications.

Supermicro P4DME-M dual Xeon motherboard

One or two Intel® XeonTM processors, 512K full speed L2 cache, 400 Mhz FSB

Intel® E7500 chipset (Plumas)

Memory Subsystem:
Six DIMM banks supporting up to 12GB of PC-21001 ECC Registered DDR. Two-way interleaved memory banks providing 3.2GB/s bandwidth
Note: Memory must be populated in pairs.

Graphic Subsystem:
Integrated ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI

Hard Disk Subsystem:
2.4TB RAID-0 or 2.2TB RAID-5 using twelve Western Digital Special Edition Caviar 200GB Ultra ATA/100 drives

SCSI Subsystem:
3Ware Escalade 7500-12 12-port Ultra ATA/133 RAID controller, RAID level 0, 1, 5, 10 & JBOD, 64-bit/33mhz PCI

CD-ROM Subsystem:

Sound Subsystem:

Network Subsystem:
Built-in Intel Fast Ethernet Server adapter, 82550 chipset
Intel Pro/1000MT PWLA8490MT Gigabit Ethernet Server adapter, 64-bit/133mhz PCI-X

System Slots:
One (1) 3.3V1 64-bit/133MHz2 bus mastering, full length PCI-X slot, PCI bus #1
Two (2) 3.3V1 64-bit/100MHz3 bus mastering, full length PCI-X slots, PCI bus #2
Three (3) 5V 32-bit/33MHz bus mastering, full length PCI slots, PCI bus #3

System I/O:
One (1) ECP/EPP parallel port
Two (2) RS-232C 16550 serial ports, DB-9
Two (2) USB 1.1 ports
One (1) PS/2 Mini DIN keyboard port
One (1) PS/2 Mini DIN mouse port
Two (2) RJ-45 Ethernet ports
One (1) DB-15 monitor port

Floppy Drive:
Teac 1.44M 3.5-inch drive

Optional Logitech 3-button PS/2 mouse

Optional Keytronic KT-2000 104-key PS/2 keyboard

Enlight Corp. EN-8950 Server Chassis
Three (3) ATA backplanes supporting twelve hotswap 1" Ultra ATA/100/133 drives
Alumminum disk carriers for best heat dissipation
PC Power Cooling Turbo Cool 475XE 475W power supply, EPS12V
One (1) accessible 3.5" drive bay (used)
Three (3) heavy duty chassis blowers
Two (2) 80mm chassis outtake fans, ball bearing

Preinstalled Software:
Red Hat Linux with ASL optimized kernel
All software includes CD, manual and warranty card.

  1. Slots are incompatible with 5V PCI expansion cards
  2. Slot used for the Intel Gigabit Ethernet card.
  3. Slots operate at 33mhz bus speed to match the speed of the 3Ware Escalade controller.
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